Leather and Wood Craftsmen, Inc.
Est. 1987
    Chair with fading and oils stains                                                  Chair after oil extraction and refinishing
Old desk with fading and scratches                                                   Desk after complete refinishing
Custom kitchen table made for one of our customers.

Materials: Eastern white pine
Finish: Polyurethane and paste 
34.5" diameter, 29" high, 2 sided tapered legs
Sofa with fading and stains                       Sofa after refinishing to a different                                                                             color and stuffing cushions
Chair with hair oil, stains, and fading             Chair after minor panel replacement
                                                                                 and complete refinishing
Board room chair stained & faded             After oil extraction & refinishing
   Rocker with old fabric and                                After reupholstery and
              worn wood                                                 refinishing wood

Chair with cracking leather and                           After reupholstery and
              worn wood                                                 refinishing wood
         Installed new veneer and refinished wood on 3 boardroom tables at
                                      the HP offices in Plano, TX.
 Buffet with traditional coloring no longer matched        Buffet after we distressed, stained, glazed
        Customers dining furniture and decor                                           and topcoated
Custom built-in bookshelves we made,
            finished, and installed
Replication of old table top that was 
             cracked and worn
             Custom paint job on kitchen cabinets- antique white with perfect brown accents
        Aniline dyed leather sofa with sun fading                                        Sofa after refinishing with dye and topcoat
     Refinished flame mahogany table                             Refinished oak server
            Refinished antique radio                          Reupholstered commercial bench