Furniture Repair
Leather Furniture Restoration
    On Site Leather Furniture Repair - We can repair scratches, scuffs,  discoloration, and other forms of damage in your home or office using advance leather repair products and time tested methods.
    Leather Refinishing  - We can recolor leather!  Sun fading, harsh cleaners, pet damage, and normal wear and tear are a few causes that damage the finish or color on leather.  Whether you have one seat or a whole sofa that needs recoloring, we take the proper steps to clean, prep, and refinish your leather furniture so it looks great again.
    Cleaning and conditioning - We can professionally clean and condition leather furniture to make it look great and last longer.  Our cleaner lifts surface soiling and corrects pH levels in the leather.  Our conditioner restores lost moisture back to the leather and adds a light protectant to the leather.  After cleaning and conditioning, your leather will feel and smell great, and be ready for another year.

Leather and Wood Craftsmen, Inc
Est. 1987
Wood Restoration
    On Site Wood Repair - We can repair scratches, dents, scuff marks, and other types of damage to wood furniture, baseboards, elevators, etc.
     Broken Wood Repair - We can repair broken legs, sofa frames, table tops, and more.  We use proper methods including, doweling, biscuit joining, hardwood bracing, screws and glue to ensure our repair lasts.  After the repair, we recolor to make the area look seemless.
     Refinishing -  We excel in refinishing wood furniture.  We've done both residential and commercial refinishing, and use high quality finishing products.  Some of our finish options include custom staining, painting, distressed finishes, metallics paint accents, lacquer, shellac, wax or polyurethane.

Furniture Pictures
Leather sofa with sun fading
Leather sofa after refinishing
Dining buffet with traditional finish
Dining buffet after distressed and glazed finish
HP Boardroom table after installing cherry veneer and finishing
Mahogany dining table after refinishing
​Leather office chairs after repair and recoloring
Antique radio after refinishing